Rose Haven goes to Ecuador

December 2013

News News News!

This has been a busy time and you will soon see why. First the shop is now open daily, Mondays- Saturdays 10 - 6 and Sundays noon - 4. You can leave messages at any time by email or phone and we will get back to you soon.

Before we get into our regular welcoming comments we wish to announce that the owner, Linda, has sold theshop as of November 17, 2013. No, it is not going to disappear; in fact it may even get better! While I don't classify my self as old, I do collect all my Seniors benefits, meagre as they are. I still work long hours and as of this month will have had a work career of 50 years. I have enjoyed the arts in many ways over the years but just keepinga business going has put a damper on that and now I feel it is time for me to play a little.

I believe I have found the best possible new owner that I could have dreamed of. She is Lesley Snyder and for those of you who know the County, Lesley has been running the Galloping Goat opposite Black River Cheese. She is artistic and funny, is a graduate of Sheridan College and knits, felts and now is exploring spinning. She also has business smarts with retail experience and is 20 years younger than me. Hurrah! That should keep Rose Haven going for quite a while. To top it off her husband is a web designer and so she will be adding an online store tocomplement the business. Keep tuned!

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