Rose Haven goes to Ecuador

Where is Rose Haven Located?

My new Rose Haven is located in the Andes of central Ecuador. The farm or small "finca" is situated about 1 hour and 4o minutes south of Quito and about 15 minutes north-west of Latacunga by car. The nearest settlement is a small village called Poalo, 1 km. from the farm.

If you are driving from Quito go south on Hwy. 35, the Panamerica.  There are 2 exits that can bring you to Poalo and Rose Haven Farm. The first is signed Poalo and follows after the Saquisili exits.  This exit comes up quickly and is a right hand turn that exits at the Tulipulo Hacienda, historic site, and then goes to Poalo.  The road to Rose Haven unfortunately has no name but is  a wide gravel road immediately before the built-up area of Poalo and especially the Centro de Salud.  Turn south, Rose Haven is on the right and recognizable by the white adobe house, white walls and curved entrance.  The roof is red tile with a rooster!

The second exit comes at the overhead roundabout with a ramp to the right saying Latacunga, Pujili and LaMana.  Proceed to the right in the direction for Pujili.  Turn right on the first road, a paved road and follow this to a T-junction.  Turn left.  At this point it is easiest to drive directly to Poalo.  The village centre has a park, stay on the south side and drive straight ahead until you come to the Centre de Salud on the left.  The road to Rose Haven is just a short distance further, turn right and go south.

The Google GPS address of Rose Haven is 0-53'-41.5" S, 78-40'-05.5" W.

If you are arriving by bus in Latacunga,you can email us at or phone or text at 09-9143-5971.  Or if you have arranged earlier to have us pick you up, we will meet you at the Santa Maria grocery store, immediately opposite the bus terminal exit.

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